This is straight from my email box.  Just thought I would thought this up really quick in case there are any musicians out there that have not tried AmpliTube yet.


Dear Musician, 




Join the 28,000 users who have registered their FREE Version of AmpliTube 3 with the new built-in Custom Shop feature. AmpliTube is not just for guitarists – keyboardists, other instrumentalists, vocalists, producers and remixers in every genre will benefit from the astounding power and flexibility of this leading suite of models.  

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Your AmpliTube 3 FREE comes with:



AmpliTube Custom Shop
  • 24 included gear models which can be used in a double series/parallel rig with Stomp Box Effects, Amps, Cabinets, Microphones and Rack Effects
  • Try and buy hundreds of gear models à la carte 24/7 online in the Custom Shop for as low as $3 each/EUR 2.25 with Gear Credits
  • The Custom Shop includes officially certified models from legendary brands such as FenderTM, Orange®, Ampeg®, SoldanoTM and many more
  • Standalone and Plug-in versions for every DAW
  • Cabinet/Room module with freely movable mics
  • Stomp and Rack FX “drag & drop” configuration
  • Both mono and full stereo signal path
  • Advanced preset management with online sharing service
  • 4-track audio recorder/player with SpeedTrainer
  • “Eco-Mid-High” quality modes
  • “MIDI Learn” feature
  • Native compatibility with 64-bit DAWs on MacOS and Windows
If you are a current AmpliTube 3 user…
Current AmpliTube 3 users should go to their user area and download the new 3.5 version to gain full access to the new Custom Shop as well as many new features. 

If you are a current Powered by AmpliTube user…
Users of AmpliTube FenderTM, Ampeg® SVX, AmpliTube Metal, AmpliTube Jimi HendrixTM and AmpliTube 2 Live can use all of their existing gear models in the new AmpliTube 3 FREE version which includes the Custom Shop.

All other registered IK users can also find AmpliTube 3 FREE in their user area for immediate download.

If you are a new to AmpliTube…
New IK users can download the FREE version by registering here:

Or purchase the full version of AmpliTube 3 with 160 models and the built-in Custom Shop feature for $349.99 / EUR 269.99 (exc.VAT) from the IK webstore or your preferred IK reseller.

Try the gear, get more information and watch video demos online today.