This is straight from my email box.  Just thought I would thought this up really quick in case there are any musicians out there that have not tried AmpliTube yet.   Dear Musician,        Join the 28,000 users who have registered their FREE Version of AmpliTube 3 with the new built-in Custom Shop… Read More

This has been out a few days and I have been checking out the videos. The video is a bit silly, but gets the point across. You do not play this like a normal guitar where you put your fingers on the strings to make chords.  Instead you select your chord with a finger and… Read More

Whats with me and the cheesy titles lately?  No matter.. So today I’m reviewing iShread.  In my previous post, I looked at Amplitube and was pretty impressed.  iShread is like Amplitube and at the same time, different. First, lets have a look at the hardware.  iShred offers an all in one chord from Griffin Technology… Read More

Ok, cheesy blog title, but still, this is pretty good. There have already been a number of virtual guitar amp and effects products for the iphone and ipad, and I’ve tried a few, but amplitube and ishread (ishread I will over in another post) stood out.  Now, if there is really good product I missed,… Read More