vBookz_text_voiceYeaaa!!  I wrote a post a while back on an app called vBookz which will also appear in my next article on iphonelife magazine. I really liked the app because I can switch back and forth from reading and listening to audio.  The one thing that I thought would be REALLY cool is if I could load my own text.

Well wait no more.  I just got an email saying they can now support uploading your own text!  This is pretty huge.  I do not have any dim fantasies of my own writing, however there are contracts that I need to read, or long emails that I got at the beginning or end of the day that I can upload and listen to on my commute.  Better yet, if you are an executive, you can get your secretary to pre-load documents that you can listen to as you drive or are being driven, in case you are the type who gets car sick.

There is a tutorial on the vBooks site to guide you through the process, but here are a few extracts..

There are several ways to create an ePub file out of your documents.
You can easily save ePub files by choosing “Export…” on Mac’s “Pages”. It is the easiest
way to create it. File name must include the language indication, for example:
“FileName_en” for English. Read more about language indication here.
Another way to covert text to ePub is by using the on line “2ePub” site. you can convert
files in three easy steps. http://www.2epub.com/
You may also install and use Lexcycle‘s “Stanza” or David Goyal’s “Calibre” as your
desktop ePub files converters.
“Stanza” and “Calibre” complies

Convert text to ePub format on your desktop
“PDF to ePub”

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