This has been around for along time, but for some reason I have not got around to writing about it. Its a jailbreak app of course. I used to have it running last year and simply forgot about it (it could have been named something else back then).  Lately I have been pulling old jams from my youth’en days and playing them via YouTube. I use YouTube as my player in a way.  What really bugs me is when I want to hear (watch) something again, I have to re-download it.  If I want to hear something and I’m in a weak 3G or non connection area, like anywhere in downtown San Francisco, I cannot play or the bloody thing stops when buffering.

So enter A-Tube YouTube downloading app. But it does more then that.  I selected 3 old school jams (yes I know the PE one is kinda new) but the point is I was able to download all 3 at the same time and set them up as a play list!  Win!

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