Its enough of a pain having to sign a document off the computer.  Normally you have to go to the computer, print, sign, then scan the document.  Wait, I thought we were in the computer age.  Thankfully I ONLY use tablets now, so I don’t have that worry. (See Apple? This is why I do not have a macbook)  However, if I’m on the go, forget it.  Until now.

Check out EasySign.

EasySign enables you to sign any document using your iPhone, iPad or iPodTouch without any need for printing, scanning and/or faxing. It saves you time, money and inconvenience while signing documents.

Have you ever received a document over email that needs to be signed and then sent back either by fax or by scan over email and you had to look for a printer, scanner and/or fax machine to get the job done? Now you have a simpler and easier way. EasySign enables you to send back the document signed using your iPhone and/or iPod Touch or ipad in 2x mode from anywhere and anytime.

How it works:


You email the document as an attachment to either from your iPhone or desktop. You open EasySign App then on your iPhone/iPod touch to sign the document and you receive an email back with the signed document attached in minutes.


– You can sign PDF, MS-Office and .TXT documents.

– You can put any number of signatures on with in a document.

– You can put the signing date along with your signature.

– You can sign unlimited number of documents, no restrictions at all.

– You can choose to sign either in black or blue ink.

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