First off, I have not tried this yet.  I tried to download it and give it a test, but it was not in the store.  I’ll send them an email to try and find out whats up.

UPDATE:  Seems they were getting a DNS attack and took the app off the store.  Its back up now..

But based on the writeup in the NY Times, I read all I really need to know.  There have been plenty of VoiP options for the iphone, both through jailbreak and the store, but whats different about line2, is how flexible the service is.   You get a dedicated number to call out on.  It has a pretty good level of integration with the phone giving you an address book, call history, etc..  Pretty cool eh?  Better, this should will work on the ipod and yes iPad.  Want phone service on your ipad?  Here you go.

Whats great is you can get incoming calls too!  The articles says it only works if the app is running, but if you are jailbroken, you should be able to run it in the background.  This is was I wanted to test.  Now this is not free.  Its $15 a month, but if you have dropped call issues, or want to reduce your iphone plan to the minimum minutes , this is for you.

Hopefully I will find a way to get this running on my system and give a better write up down the road. Screenshot below…

from the NY Times

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