Top ten most addictive iphone gamesby Jared Peri

There are lots of really great iphone games out there, but sometime you want a game that does not take too much investment to learn or long term focus. These are simple additive games that you can call up and play while waiting in line or on the subway or wherever you have a quick 10-15 min to kill. So, in typical top ten format, my choices for the best simple additive iphone games out there.  I know there are no images posted.  I’ll get to it. Remember, this blog is written first, edited later.

10. Monster truck TN

This is a fun monster truck game where you have to navigate a monster truck through a 2d course trying to keep it level with the track while beating the preset time to get gold silver or bronze .Through out the game you will unlock two new trucks, a school bus and an indie 500 car. This game is a very simple racing game but still really fun.

9. Paper Toss

This is a pretty popular game that I played for a while that’s addictive. The goal of this game is to throw a ball of paper into a trash can and keep the longest streak you can going. You also have to watch out for the fan because the faster the fan speed the farther your paper ball will go off course.  The graphics are pretty good for this.

8. Icopter

This helicopter game is a game that I always played on the computer and was pretty excited when they brought it to itouch. First you set the speed and gravity and then navigate throught the course lifting your finger off and on the screen trying to last as long as possible.

7. Trace

I haven’t gotten to into this game yet but it is still really fun. There are over a hundred different levels to chose from. There is a little guy who you can make go left and right and jump, but the part of the game is that you draw your own map from point A to B trying to get around all of the obstacles of the map.

6. Blooms TD

This is your classic tower defense game except with the bloons twist. You can buy things such as monkeys, boomerangs, cannons, and supermonkey’s to try and pop all of the bloons before they navigate through the map. Although simple it is one of the most addictive games I have ever played but not enough to make number 1.. yet.

5. Touchgrind

This is a touch skateboarding game a lot like other skateboarding games you have played except in this one you have an arial view and your middle and index finger to all the work of riding ollieing and grinding while on the board.

4. Cube Runner

This is another game that came from the internet and is very simple. All you have to do is guide your arrow through the levels without hitting the blocks by tilting your itouch or iphone. The best part of this game is how smooth the graphics are. I have the feeling this was originally created to test out displaying graphics and working with the tilt, and turned into a game.  This game has been around since the 2.0 days of the iphone. Perhaps before that.

3. Bloons

Bloons is another tower defence type of game and I am really surprised if someone hasn’t heard of this game as it was really popular on the web about a year ago, thus I’m sure that it will become popular on the iphone.  There are fifty levels with different bloon configurations and your monkey is allotted a certain amount of darts to pop as many of the of bloons to pass through the path.

2. Line Rider

This used to be my favorite game of all time. What you do it draw a course using the touch screen making jumps and loopty loops. When your down designing your course, you click ‘play’ and your little line rider on his sled will go and follow your course using the physics of gravity, friction and collision. Pretty impressive really. They even made a McDonalds commercial from the nonIphone version. Pretty crazy really. There is a link at the bottom of this post.

1. DoodleJump

This game definitely has to be my all time favorite game ever. A lot like the game papi jump except you are a weird elephant thing and you get items such as springs, spring shoes,trampolines, and jet packs along the way. You can also change the scheme of the game by changing the highscore name to ooga and snow.

And thus my list.  I’ll update it now and again.  Have better suggestions? Let me know and I’ll give it a try.

McDonalds Line Rider commercial