iphone-3-new-1First off, I’m not your typical user, and if you read my blog you would know this; I use jailbreak and LOVE it. However, I also cannot resist experimenting with the iPhone, so once I felt satisfied I heard the jailbreak for 3.0 was relatively stable, I decided to go for it.  However, just as an experiment, I’m NOT going to jailbreak for a few days and see if I miss it. (I already know I will , but like any research type, the experiment must be preformed).

{update … I did not last more to 15 seconds. As soon as I turned on the phone, I wanted to enable WIFI and forgot I could not simply swipe to get the WIFI button. 15 seconds.  Yes, without jailbreak, the iphone is just… just.. andriod. XD  }

Now, on to the upgrade. Here is how I did it

  1. I removed any application that I KNOW I will want not need once I upgrade.  There are two reasons for this.  First, I need to backup the phone, install 3.0 and thus reinstall my apps.  The more apps you have, the longer all this will take. I also cleaned out my music and photos to make the builds and restores faster. Plus, you will be surpised how much junk you have. I do this from iTunes BTW, not the phone.
  2. Make SURE you have synced your address book.  Dont want to lose that.  If you have games, you should SSH into your phone and get the files. I do not have any games that I really care about, so I dont mind losing game data.  Same thing with Notes.  Make sure you copy them out.. By hand.. After 3.0 notes will be synced.
  3. Ok, REALLY important. If you are using Folder, MAKE SURE YOU TAKE YOU ICONS OUT.  If not, you will lose them when you restore until you get SBSettings reinstalled. ( I blew this part 🙂
  4. 2X check your sync settings on itunes and sync twice. Just in case.
  5. Go to iTunes and check for updates.  It will offer 3.0.  Go ahead and install.

Ok.  So we are ready for jailbreaking.  All you need is either PwnageTool 3.0 or QuickPWN (not ready last I checked).  I used PwnageTool myself.  Basically this install worked just like PwnageTool always works but I still like to follow a tutorial, and I always turn to iClarified. Here is the link to PwnageTool 3.0 tutorial.

A few things the tutorial misses though..

  • On step 3, click on Simple Mode if you do not plan on updating your baseband. Read this post. READ IT 5 TIMES!! If you plan on using something other then AT&T, then use expert mode.
  • On step 4, double click, not single click to select your phone.
  • I ran a generic PwnageTool, so I had to click on the DFU mode myself.  Make sure you unplug your phone first before you click on this button.  Why the iClarify tutorial does not have this must be because they used a slightly different version.
  • Make sure you do this when you start iTunes and it asks to restore. ‘In iTunes, hold the Alt/Option key and click Restore.’  I forgot and had to go back and redo putting the phone in DFU mode and then reload the correct restore file.

That should be it!  Your phone should sync.  Then sync it again.

Next open Cydia, and update.  For some reason, I had to close and reopen it.  Now, go to search and find SBSettings.  BEST JAILBREAK APP EVAR!

Now.  Everything worked fine for me except for one step.  I forgot to take the apps out of folders, so I lost my settings button as well as many other buttons. So I had to do update Cydia and install SBSettings using 3G till I could unhide all the buttons again. 🙂

Now, my first impressions of 3.0 …. eh.  Its like nothing changed short of my first phone call was horrible.  However, I REALLY hoping that the iphone was resorting out where the towers are in my area. I have many other experiments with 3.0 and seeing what jailbreak apps I still need…. aside from SBSettings, PDANet  and Video of course.

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