FailWhale cup from ToraDora Ep 20

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I’m drafting an article about twitter applications for the iphone. (if you have a fav iphone twitter app, let me know). I changed my password while I test out some apps and I’ve experienced some login issues.  It’s even messed up twittFilter. (for you twittFilter/friendFilter users out there, sorry, a fix is in place now).  So this ‘seems’ to be whats going on…

Given the MASSIVE traffic twitter has to deal with these days, many machines are needed to handle all the traffic. When you change your password, the change will be updated on most of the machines..  Most that is.  So every now and again, you will try to login and depending on the application your using, it will tell you your password is incorrect or simply not work at all. Then 30 min later, you try again, and everything is back to normal.  So what can you do about this?  Nothing I’m afraid, but there is a trick that seems to work for me. Try using another twitter client. For some reason, that seems to reset which machine login verification is going through.  However, I would avoid changing your password till they get this sorted out.  Twitter is aware of the issue and they are working on it.

Hope this helps!

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