appstoreratingThere have been enough rejected apps in the iphone store to support a top 10 list.  Now, after the shaken baby app getting through, then pulled but the NIN app getting rejected full stop, tells me the review process is spotty at best, faulty at worst.  And then you have people like ‘Victor Wang’ who seems to have developed a reputation for harsh, and normally delayed, rejected letters. Some of the apps rejected just do not make sense.  Rejecting the Obama trampoline app?  Pull my finger? And now the NIN app because of ‘objectionable content’?  Oh, but its ok to sell that same album in iTunes… Can we say inconsistent?

This Boolean solution of gatekeepers saying either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ is clearly not a solution. I think its time we explored using a rating system, similar to video games, music and movies. I would rather see a rating system and decide for myself if something is objectionable content or not instead of a small team of reviewers enforcing their own views.

BTW, the letters for the video industry are: CTM EA ‘RP’  I was trying to come up with some sort of cleaver spelling with these letters, but I aways did stink at scrabble.  Suggestions?  Perhaps use letters from other rating systems?

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