And it might.  I wrote an article for iphone life over 6 months ago where I said things will improve as they move to a lower freq.  Well, according to Kevin Fitchard from Telephony Online

AT&T is increasing the downlink capacity on its high-speed packet access (HSPA) from 3.6 megabits per second to 7.2 Mb/s through software upgrades at the base station..

ok, good start…

“We’re adding second and even third carriers according to demand. We’re also in the early phases of an 850-MHz overlay.”

..even better..

Later this year, AT&T plans to start migrating its 3G networks to evolved-HSPA (or HSPA+), which would triple peak speeds.

Well, there have been some issues with HSPA+, but it seems like they may only impliment parts of it since it may be easier to leap to the 21mb/s codec. So it looks like AT&T is finally getting sick of hearing how poor their network is. A major complaint with AT&T is dead zones.. ok, my major complaint. I REALLY hoping going to 850-MHz will help.  The lower the freq, the better you can travel through objects.  It takes more power, but still, it may prove out to be cheaper then building more towers.

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