Yes, I know, I have not been active in a LONG time.  Between, my taxes (which are still not done) and this monster flu, I’ve been gutted..  However, lots to talk about, so hopefully I will get back into the flow of things.

First off, I guess 4 or 5 days ago, Cydia released an application call… wait for it… Rock!  Umm.. what?  Yea, it called Rock!  NO IDEA why, but whatever..

What it offers is a nicely organized way to download paid and free apps.  There is a voting system as well. Even does something the App store does not; when you click on ‘What’s New’, it will tell you if you already bought this app or not. Not a big deal, but a nice touch.

Now this does not show everything you can get on Cydia, just the stuff they promote.  Still, I like it.  Now, what you have all be waiting for… screen shots!!

photo photo3 cydia rock 3

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