ipod-auto-470-0309Last week I read an article in popular mechanics (link here) talking about the various ways, and the level of quality, per option.  Nothing new here that has not already been talked about, except, the missed out on one..

Over ride the CD changer!

Why would we want to do something like that?  Well, lets say your do not have ‘new’er car (or its factory) and do not an 1/8″ line  in nor Aux jacks in that ba,ck but you do have a CD changer capable stereo.  That was my case. Since I consider FM and cassette simply unacceptable (and yes I have tried both) it was worth it to me to try and port into the CD changer.  And it was easier then I expected.  First the adaptor. Its just a short cable, with a plug for the CD changer in on one end, and a RCA or 1/8″ jack on the other.

Override the CD changer! Get an adaptor cable, try here and here.

You may have to look for your particular stereo, but you get the idea.  Once in place, you can still use your front load CD player (which I have not used in 6 months) as well as your iphone/ipod.  Now here is the plus.  You also have an in car hands free!  All you need is one more piece of the puzzle. isonitalkA mic with headphone plug. Get one here.. 

And there you go.  Now if you do not feel comfortable doing this work yourself, there are plenty of car radio places out there that can do it for.  Who knows? They may have the part on hand.

Good luck.

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