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As a social media consultant it’s always important for me to be “connected” not just to clients or friends, but to information on the web.   Of course, not all of the apps I use are necessarily for business, but many of the ones I have listed here are.  A lot of these apps don’t even have much to do with social media consulting, but that’s what I am and these are the apps I use (not jailbroken, at which Chris shakes his head) 🙂


Twitter has been a tremendous resource and valuable networking tool, so naturally I try to stay connected even when I am not around my PC.  Twittelator is my favorite free way to stay connected to the various conversations on twitter.


Google has a great app available that allows you to access things such as your RSS feed, Goog 411, News, etc.  Part of being a consultant means you have to know what’s going on in the social media space…all the time.  I’ll be honest, the thing I use the most from the Google app is the RSS feed, this allows me to stay up to date on the latest social media news and technologies.  If you need a free portable way to access your RSS feeds, the Google app is for you.


This application is pretty much an all around chat app.  I use it to connect with people on aim and gchat when I’m traveling around.  Fring is another one you can check out, I haven’t used it but have heard good things.


Truth be told I use facebook mainly as an event management tool.  I use facebook to find out about new events in my area and as a calendar.  While I do like the facebook app one shortcoming I have noticed is that it doesn’t let me view various events.  Still, it’s a good app for connecting with people on the go.

News Apps, i,e. NY Times, USA Today

The various news apps out there are great, I can stay up do date on everything from economic news to tech news.  The apps are easy to navigate and read which is a huge plus.  I can scan an article in about a minute on iphone, so it’s a huge time saver and an efficient way to read the news.


Eh what can I say I’m a huge chess nerd, by far my most favorite app is called chess with friends.  Chess with friends is an app that lets me play games against contacts or random folks on the network.  I usually have at least 5 games going at a time and I can make a move at my leisure.  If you like chess then this is a must have app!


Do I really need to explain this one?  Free streaming music on the go anywhere?  Ya, it’s amazing

There are plenty of other apps I use out there, the list can go on and on.  I’m also a big fan of apps such as linkedin, yelp, urbanspoon, around me, etc.  But the ones I listed above are my favorites…for now.  That is until I jailbreak my phone and will have the ability to tether my iphone to my laptop, when that day comes, then you might see a different favorite app post from me 🙂

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