Add Pinterest to the social media networks that will be watching your every click. TechCrunch reports that this week, the company quietly announced that it will soon offer new conversion tracking and audience targeting features to its advertisers. Pinterest says this is to allow advertisers to better understand how Promoted Pins affect their business, and what… Read More

This post was written by Christopher Rauschnot and was originally posted to Pin This. Pinterest Releases Android and iPad Apps. You can follow him on Twitter @24k & @24kMedia and the 24kMedia Facebook Page Social networking site Pinterest, is on a roll with app releases. Their first-ever Android app, at 1.0.2, along with a newer… Read More

Wow.  The Sendai earthquake and tsunami happened yesterday and already a wiki page has been created and VERY well populated and referenced. Last night when the quake happened it was all over Twitter, as is expected now a days. In fact, I knew about the tsunami warning for California (through Twitter) long before it got… Read More

I’m normally not one to get excited about a social media app for the iphone.. ok, I’m almost never excited.  But I just saw Meebo’s new app previews in Techcrunch and what I like is its simplicity combined with multiple account support.  Its seem that this is also pretty darn fast, and that is what… Read More

If you can beat them. Eat them!  That’s right, Facebook is going after Twitter full force now.  Seem that you can now not only update your twitter account from facebook, but all kinds of controls on how its done. From there blog.. “If you manage a Facebook Page, you now will be able to decide… Read More

{update} I created a search on twittFilter that hides duplicate from a twitter search. This is useful for #iranElection here is the link: I’m sure most of you who use twitter are already aware of what has been going on. Because of the media blocks in Iran, social media tools like twitter, friendfeed, flickr… Read More

{ Welcome Jacob – This is his first guest post on As seen through PeriVisioN.. } As a social media consultant it’s always important for me to be “connected” not just to clients or friends, but to information on the web.   Of course, not all of the apps I use are necessarily for business, but… Read More

Well, another election has come and gone, but unlike other elections, this is the first election where social media had an impact on the outcome. Obama used a grass roots based approach building and managing the organization. Just 4 years ago, it would be hard to imagine the level of organization and communication required to… Read More