Add Pinterest to the social media networks that will be watching your every click. TechCrunch reports that this week, the company quietly announced that it will soon offer new conversion tracking and audience targeting features to its advertisers. Pinterest says this is to allow advertisers to better understand how Promoted Pins affect their business, and what can be done to further personalize those Pins for Pinterest users. When it begins in a few weeks, Pinterest will collect information from online advertisers, like whether clicks on ads led to purchases, or information, like a list of criteria to use in targeting ads.





Advertisers will now be able to add a tracking pixel to their Promoted Pins to collect information on how well a Pin is doing. That pixel on the advertiser’s site can determine which customers are arriving after either viewing or clicking on an advertiser’s Promoted Pin. And in turn, Pinterest can then use that data to customize a consumer’s experience on its website. The company says it will update its Privacy Policy on October 19th.

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