First off, Happy New Year!  We are approaching the final count down to MacWorld and aside from a few bookmarks (and macworld – thanks @danielbru for reminding me), there are a few apps you may want to make sure you have installed. I’m going to break the list in two; jailbreak and non jailbreak apps.  I’m also not going to list games. I figure, you would already have that in hand.

Lets start with the non jailbreak apps:

Wifi, Files lite or Air sharing:  These apps allows you to share your iphone like a usb drive via wifi. So load up some of your key docs and keep them on hand ready to share at any time.  Looking for work? Put your CV on there.  The user simply types in a URL on their web browser and downloads the file. I like Wifi most because it allows the visitor to download images from my device as well. Now what will happen when more then 1 person has this running at the same time? I’m going to guess the port numbers will change. This will be interesting.

Handshake, SnapDat, beamME: One of the most annoying things about the iphone is the inability to easily exchange contact info. I loved how on the palm/treo you simply press and hold the address button and your contact  is beamed across. Perfect!   I’ve used SnapDat and beamME and its kludgy, it works, but kludgy. So, load all 3, you never know who has what. You can dump them later.

Fring: This is a great app.  If you need to watch your minutes, fring is a great VoIP. Something to keep on hand.

Doodles: This may surprise a few people, but you never know when you want to sketch up a diagram really quick. You can save your sketch as a picture, and then share that sketch Wifi.

Urbanspoon, Yelp:  Not from around these parts?  Needs a place to get your grub on? Either of these apps will help you find something to fill your grill.

Stitcher radio: Since you will be in various meetings, you may not have the time to read the various blogs you would normally check out throughout the day. Stitcher has many blogs, like slashdot and techcrunch as well as podcasts like digital planet and cybershake.

iEasyCamera:  I’ve been to enough shows to see people struggle trying to take a pic with the iPhone at an odd angle, typically of themselves with friends. With this app, you can press anywhere on the screen to take your shot.

vlingo: I like this better then google’s voice search. Since you can select map vs. web vs. address book, I found that my results are much better.

Now lets look at jailbroken apps:

SBSetting: This is my MUST have jailbreak app. Esp. given the likely dodgy nature of wifi and 3G that always seem to occur at these events, the ability to turn wifi, 3g on and off quickly is a must. More here..

Cycoder, Qik: Sure the iphone camera is not that great, and as such the videos are not that great, but they are good enough to capture the moment. With Qik, you can do a live broadcast. More on Cycoder and Qik here.

PdaNet: So the wifi at that cafe is not working eh?  and you already set up and bought your coffee? Never fear, you have PdaNet.  Tether your laptop to your iphone.  More here..

So this is my list.  Have other apps that your think are a MacWorld must have?  Let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

See you at the show!

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