You knew it was coming.  They claim Increased stability.  I’ll download and test.  We’ll see if anything else is new.


OK, it does seem to work a bit better but when you start it, it recommends you do a reboot before starting the game.  Thanks, already figured that.  Still takes awhile to start and save the game, but that is to be expected, however, I’ve been playing it for a bit and no crashes… yet..  Check back in a few more days.


Well, it crashed on me last night after an hour. I did not reboot before starting the game, which I would normally do if I think I’m going to play for any extended time, but I ended up playing longer then I thought. Also did not save… Sigh. Oh well, on the plus side, I did not like some of the things I did, so at least I was able to avoid my mistakes.

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