We knew it was coming…. ok, so it took a bit longer then expected, but the l33ts have done it. Now all that is left is to wrap it up in a nice friendly GUI and let ‘er rip!  … Oh, you DID take care NOT to use QuickPwn which everyone, including me, warned you NOT to do if you wanted to unlock.  If you did not take heed, and your baseband version is newer then 2.11.07, well then your hosed. This does not mean they are still not working on a post 2.11 unlock, but don’t hold your breadth.

If you happen to be in Germany this Christmas holiday, you may want to check out the CCC camp ( Chaos Computer Club’s 25C3 Congress.).  They are going to give a talk called “Hacking the iPhone”.

BTW, they are taking donations AND selling a pretty cool shirt. :0

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