I was not paying close attention, but when I updated Twinkle last night, and then used it today, I got a message saying Tapulous bought them or it.  (Wish I screenshot it).

{update} I was just informed they have always owned them.  I’m going to send an email and try to get more info on what I saw.  Have anyone else seen such messages?

What does this mean?  Not much except its the first example I’ve seen of iPhone app creators starting to buy up other apps. I expect to see a lot more of this over time. I would expect that in the next few months we will see more and more consolidation. Perhaps in Q2’09 we should see super shops that not only spit out lots of apps, but buy and sell apps like commodities. Lets hope we do not see the wild movements like we are seeing in the stock market. 🙂

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