simcity offlineWith the Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, and Samsung gear VR there are many options for low cost VR.  As a long time SimCity mayor, my first thought was, how cool would it be to explore my city in VR!  So I waited.  Nothing.  Why?

As you already know, SimCity is full 3D, you can navigate ‘mostly’ in and around your city.  But there is no way to export the model into any other software.  This is a shame because it would be sweet to actually see this through a 3D VR headset. Technically, there is no reason why we could not get this to work.  Using all the standard tricks for realtime 3D rendering it could be done, just look at ARMA or Call of Duty or even GTA.  Unfortunately this seems to be a case of a locked box that EA does not want anyone in, and they do not seem to be interested in making SimCity available for VR.   But dont lose hope.

Its only a matter of time before a SimCity like game gets ported to a platform that supports the Rift or other VR display system. How cool would it be to have Civ 5 in VR?  That will be my next bit of research and post here for my dear readers.  Remember how SimCity said it could not work in offline mode.  Then in March 14 we got it? Put enough pressure on and I think they will do something to make it work on the Rift or Samsung VR.  But my fear is that the interest and market for Simcity VR is too small for EA to react and thus we will have to wait for someone, someday to reverse engineer Simcity so that we can at least get a single point in time model.  That would be great just there.  I do not need to edit in VR, just explore and perhaps have simple interactions, again locked at that moment in time.

Ahh…  One day.

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