2014-03-19 22.43.11Their has been a jailbreak hack that has been around for awhile that speeds up or removes animations on iOS devices that make your older phone feel a bit faster.  Well turn out you can do this on Android as well without rooting or any other hacks.  Its pretty simple.

First find the ‘developer options’ for your phone.  Normally you can find this in settings, but if its buried somewhere, you can find out how to get to it doing a Google search.  For example, to access the developer settings on the Galaxy 3 running 4.3 you have to do the following:   go to settings–>About Phone–>tap “Build number” 7 times.  yes 7 times.  Crazy huh?

Next, look for these three settings:

Window animation scale:

Transition animation scale:

Animator animation scale:

There are all normally set to 1x.  However, you can speed them up by changing them all to .5x.  Depending on just how old your phone is, you can play with the setting.  Keep in mind if your phone is really old, you might see some chopping, but you will get used to that pretty quick.

And that’s it!  Enjoy your snappier phone!

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