iphone_jailbreak_pirateThis is welcome news.  According to AppleInsider, Apple Care will not fix your device on the spot instead of exchanging your device for a like new one.  That is not the only new news.  Apple is also looking to move to or add a subscription model to Apple care.  This can be great for those who devices go out of coverage. And its those phones that will be a win for jailbreakers.  Right now if something goes south on your phone, its replaced, and your jailbreak and apps are gone. This is especially annoying if your phone is unlocked. So now that your device can be repaired on site and you can get a subscription, jailbroken life is getting a bit better.

new AppleCare

Here is segment from the AppleInsider post…

“The biggest announcement, was the way repairs for iPhones will be handled soon,” the person, who asked not to be identified due to their active status as an Apple employee, told AppleInsider. “The way it is now, if almost anything is wrong with an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, the entire device is exchanged for a like-new re manufactured (sic) device, whether brought into an apple store or sent in for mail in repair. Now we are starting to actually repair the products and return the same device to the customer.

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