Over the past month I’ve had a problem with the home button not always working on my iPhone 4.  My first thought was dirt, but it was inconsistent. I figured it has to be a software glitch keeping the home button from registering a click.   The first thing I tried was reboots. That worked, but on for a short time.  Keep in mind my phone is jailbroken, and when you live the jailbreak life, you never know when it will catch up to you.  Luckily, it was not one of my jailbroken apps.

I still do not know for where which app was causing the issue, but I fixed the sticky home button by turning off all but my key notifications.  ( I have a feeling it was either the CNN or weather app, but not sure.  Weather app if I had to put money down).  If you have this really bad, it would explain poor battery life as well.

Anyway, I killed off most of the notifications, turned off and back on Activator and the home button started working again.

Now in case you do not know how, you can turn off notifications on an app by app basis.  Here are the steps.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Notifications
  3. I have ‘Manually’ selected (optional)
  4. In the section called ‘In Notification Center’ you will see a list of apps.  Click on and disable each app that you do not need notifications for

Give the phone a reboot for good measure and hopefully you are back in business.

If you are curious, you can start turning things on 1 at a time, but I would give it a full day for each app since it can take some time for the home button to mess up on you.


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