Ok, so first off, I have no idea how real this is, however,  Tinhte.vn, who released the photos and images have been able to get sneak peaks before, let’s have some fun and say they are legit.  Also check the vidoe at the end of the post.

First off,  how in the world are these suppose to work?  I’m going to take some guesses here and say the small ports where one would normally find the earbud speakers are for mid and highs.  Lets also guess that the second large port in the back is for the bass. And finally lets guess that the tini slot at the top is to allow better air flow for the bass.  Ok.  Now, does this make sense?

From and audiophile point of view (of which I do not quality, but I have heard good sounding earbuds and know the difference) I would say this is not going to make Diana Krall jump to live.  However, even my best earbuds can only do so much with the analog output of an iphone. BTW, if you have not already, just through the factory earbuds away. Spend the money and get something nice. I have gone through a number of earbuds (with mics) and settled on the Scosche IDR305md.  They were the best compromise between comfort, sounds, mic position and ease of button access.  The Moshiaudio Moonrock was a close second.  Course neither compare to my old, used Shure SE’s.  However, I almost never use them since I only listen to my iphone during commutes.  But I digress..

In general, I would guess a really good set of earbuds is not much different from a really good set of speakers.  Something we wll made can give you all you want with 1 speaker.  This is assuming you are looking for clean natural reproduction. I’m going to guess and VAST majority of iphone users do not care about that.  And of this is the case…

THEN HELL YES.  This could totally work.  First off the headset would be geared to really delivering bass.  How many iphone hipsters are out here listing to dubstep?  For more then I care to know. Rap? House? Metal? Rock.  Yea!  We got the low end covered.  Need to hear Lady Gaga scream?  Highs will be provided. What about stage reproduction?  Hearing the sound of the signers voice as if they were right there?  Hearing that cello moaning in the distance as if your were at the symphony?   What?  When was the last time you hear danger mouse working about natural voice?  Jay Z may have 99 problems but actuate sounds strange reproduction is not one.

Also, just look at these things?  Its different!  It MUST be Apple.  And it MUST be good because … well its different! .. Sigh.

IF this is real I will be very interested in checking these out, and if it DOES sound better, I will be the first to admit it.  However, I think I’ll hang on to my Scosche’s.  And when I really want to hear something through a headset, I’ll stick with my ATH-AD700’s.  🙂

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