This is interesting news.  There has been talk of an Assasin creed 3 coming out for Vita, but like everyone else, I expected a port, and a poor one.  I’m wrong.  And ever so.

This ‘seems’ like a new port.  Not only do we get a new female assassin named Aveline, we are going to be dropped into New Orleans.  According to Game Informer, you will be able to explore all of 1800’s Orleans without a loading screen, but the outlining swamps and even pop into Mexico for a bit.  Wow.  based on the magazine, it seems Aveline will have similar weapons as Connor does, machete, pistols and grenades, and will even cross Connor some point in the story line.   BTW, I read that the Vita’s rear and touchpads will be utilized for pickpocketing.  Nice touch.

And if you saw the trailer, Connor took on a bear, well, Aveline will be tackling wildlife creatures like alligators who “hide beneath murky waters.”  BTW, check out the assassin 3 trailer trailer if you have not.  I also put the older one at the end of this post.

Credit Ubisoft for going the extra mile here and further credit for creating a woman assassin.  I fully expect to see a trailer come out of E3.  I’m keeping my eyes open. 🙂

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