Google Body Browser

Shame.  I really liked this little bit if HTML 5 demo code. Ellie K left a comment our original post when it first went public.
They did say in the post that the project would be open sourced somewhere else, but not details as to where and when.  Seems Google is shutting down quite a few ‘Labs’ projects. I guess they finally decided to clean house and try to really focus on core projects.  Which is fair, and Google is normally pretty good about sharing code out, so I’m pretty confident it will have a future life, but they did point to a partner that promises to continue the project and make it free on the interwebs,

… We are also working with our partner, Zygote Media Group, on an application called Zygote Body. This application will be free, available on the web and on Android, and will enable students, teachers, and others using Google Body to continue to have access to a human anatomy browser.

but Zygote Media Group has not updated their site in awhile, so whether this is a good partner or not remains to be seen.  Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.



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