The ipad2 announcement just kicked off and we will see what features we will, and mostly will not get.  The rumor mill has been pretty set saying we will get a few things with hardware;  A front facing camera, faster CPU; gyroscope, way thinner, etc…    As for software if you are into taking and editing movies, iMovie for the iPad is really impressive. The musicians out there (me) the new GarageBand is really attractive.  But neither of these apps will appeal much to the investor.

The stock price did a nice jump when Steve Jobs came on the stage, (1.01%) beating NASDAQ which was at (.6%) but by the end of the presentation, excitement seems to wain and the stock drifted back too .6%.

Although there are some cool things, the combination of AT&T and Verizon support (which was leaked when the Verizon iPhone 4 was taken apart) there was not much there to really get the investors excited to drive the price up. Many people, myself included have started to refer to this as the ipad1.5 based on the changes, but then again, we had our hopes set pretty high.  The announcement of a new iPad cover started the stock climb back up again.  And why not?  Apple is now going to eat the lunch of many of the case manufactures out there.  A case that can wake your ipad up and put it to sleep?  Yea that will sell$$.

I think what really surprised me is nothing on the iOS and changes to make it Enterprise compatible.  Although we have seen great adaption by corporations; its mostly been around the information retrieval and marketing departments.  I was expecting, and perhaps so were the those on the market, something changes to appeal to corporate America.  However, give the latest batch of Android application to be pulled from the Android market, perhaps there is still time.  iOS 5 anybody?

Towards the end of the presentation the stock price bounced around from .5% to .9%.  At the end of the presentation the stock was sitting at .79%

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