So, you really liked that demo of garage band that Apple showed for the iPad 2 eh?  Want it but already have the iPad 1? Well, how about something kind of like it?  But better in someways? Especially if you cannot play an instrument?

Stealth Bee Jam is more like a mixer then a way to create original music, so call it Garage Band for for non musicians.

Now this just came in via email, so have not tried it myself, but the vid looked good.  Here is an excerpt.

In a nutshell, Stealth Bee Jam lets anyone, regardless of musical background, play solo jams to the original songs created for Stealth Bee Jam. Each song provides a customizable background track, and three lead instruments. For example, the Blues song provides sax, vibes, and guitar.
The user Jams to the song in real-time by tapping one of each instrument’s 18 riff buttons (which play a short burst of notes.) Lead instruments can be play together or solo as the user’s creativity take them.
Jams can be saved for later playback, shared with friends, and even used as soundtracks for photo slideshows and videos.
Demo video Below: