Fumbling with my pen and little notebook in the dark, struggling to see my odometer reading, I realized there must be a better way to track business miles. My cofounder, Evan Kirchhoff, looked over and asked why I was cursing under my breath. He then asked why I wasn’t using a mobile app to handle this.

So we looked in the app marketplaces for a mileage app, but the ones we found wanted you to manually type in odometer readings with the phone keyboard, which wasn’t much of a step forward.

That’s when Evan said, “We have the technology. There’s already GPS in the mobile devices we carry around, so we should remove the friction from this process.”

With Mobimileage, in 3 simple steps you can record miles driven for up to 4 different vehicles or 4 different businesses:

1. Open the app
2. Press “Start” at the beginning of your trip
3. Press “Stop” at the end of your trip

    That’s it. Your log is now stored, and you can email the mileage records to yourself.

    Simple. And free!

    Download it here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mobimileage-free/id417567338?mt=8

    Mobimileage is the first project by Roving Screens.

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