Mobile developer Qubop Inc. has just released a new casual game called Bubble Scoop, described as an “ice-cream themed puzzle shooter”. The object is to match ice cream scoops of the same color by firing them from a moving truck, and watching them vanish in a shower of particle effects. Each level is completed by… Read More

Mobipark is free until end of day 4/9/11. Download it now and get the app for free instead of $1.99 US. Where did you leave your car? When do you need to move it to avoid a costly ticket? How do you get back to a location if ¬†you’re in an unfamiliar city? Mobipark combines… Read More

A new and fresh game that Qubop made that makes use of the camera, the gyros, and other hardware in the phone. The clouds are randomly generated around you in 3D space, find them, tap them, and get points. See the world through the camera and play the game layered on top of reality. The… Read More

In order to have all possible iOS test devices for our small development company, Roving Screens, I went out on the first day the Verizon iPhone was available on February 10, 2011 to buy one. I wasn’t sure if I should expect long lines or being told the phones have sold out. I picked up… Read More

Fumbling with my pen and little notebook in the dark, struggling to see my odometer reading, I realized there must be a better way to track business miles. My cofounder, Evan Kirchhoff, looked over and asked why I was cursing under my breath. He then asked why I wasn’t using a mobile app to handle… Read More

Rockmelt crashed the first time I launched the browser, which is always a bad way to start with a new program. I opened up the two webmail systems that I use and another tab in the same window for browsing. I sign in to Twitter three times and get the ever spinning circle. The Facebook integration is better, it is fairly robust, meaning I saw status messages.… Read More

A few months ago Practice Fusion invited me to their office to talk about their EHR solution for doctors. During the course of our discussions I realized that I didn’t have a good grasp of the laws or regulations that apply to patient data and the assurances of my hosts that they were taking their… Read More