mobilebnote 2If you have microsoft oneNote, and the iphone, you HAVE to get this app.  I have been beta testing it for awhile now and its one of those, you cannot live without application.. again, if you have oneNote. 🙂  I did a more complete write up HERE back in Aug.

This is version one and so far, its pretty stable.  The only thing missing is the ability to edit text, but I’m told that is coming. 🙂  So grab it people! … and now the press release:

BusinessWare Technologies announced the availability of MobileNoter 1.0. The product was in beta testing and now it is officially released and available for download to the public.

Freedom to take notes on your iPhone device. MobileNoter supports simple text notes, we call them Quick Notes. You can now take notes on iPhone and manage them in a friendly interface.

Ease in syncing your notes with OneNote. QuickNotes on iPhone are wirelessly synchronized with your OneNote, over Wi-Fi or 3G. No instant connection is required to use the app.

Flexibility to work with OneNote notebooks on your iPhone. MobileNoter v.1.0 supports two-way sync of QuickNotes with Microsoft OneNote and one-way sync of existing OneNote notebooks. Just a few clicks and your OneNote notebooks appear in MobileNoter on your iPhone and you can continue working within a familiar interface.