pandora_2xtap-controlI’ve been a Pandora fan for a long time, (more here on my fav radio apps) and when it hit the iphone, it became my default radio station for music complimented with occasional Last.FM.  Well, here are a few tips to really get the most out of your new iphone digital radio.

First, be aware or your coverage.  Quite often (esp with AOL radio) the feed will be lost going from tower to tower.  If you are in a weak coverage area, turn off 3G. Edge is more forgiving and tends to have better coverage then 3G.  An exception to this rule is when driving on the freeway.  Since 3G can keep the buffer full better then edge can, you may be able to jump from tower to tower fast enough that the 3G will reconnect and refill the buffer without losing sound.  This depends on your area of course.  If you do not know how to connect to your car radio, or like a few tips to make it better, look at this post.

Second, are you jailbroken?  Then SBSetting’s ‘Processes’ and Pandora Controls (which should install Backgrounder, but this may not be the case anymore) are must haves. 3 apps.  Backgrounder does what you think it will do.  It allows you to run any app in the background.  SMSetting’s Processes allows you to kill a process running in the background.  (See the connection here?)   Pandora Controls supports running Pandora in the background as well as allowing ipod like controls when you double click the home button.  Very cool.  It also supports double click on your headset to advance to the next song.  Very impressive.

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