Thanks for all the suggestions!  The treasure hunt went quite well and it seems all the kids had a great time.

We started out playing ‘Are you smarter then a 5th grader’.  3 Questions a round. If the adults won the round,  chore chard is awarded to which they can do whatever the like with it.  If the kids won, a Christmas card is given with 1 word in it.  6 cards total.  The words were: “black”, “face”, “music”, “look”, “behind”, “plate”.  Now, once they got all 6 cards, they were then handed 6 clues to find pieces of the BMW symbol hidden around the house.  Once they collected the puzzle pieces, they could tell it was my car and ran out to it.  It took them a while to figure out to press the face plate button, but they got it.  When they pressed the button, the final clue fell out guiding them to a book hidden in the house.  This is a fake book.  Inside it is a key.  The key opens the lock on the treasure chest.  Inside the chest was their gifts.. Pirate treasure, or in the case LOTS and LOTS of $1. 🙂

fakebook treasurechest

…… </update>

Ok, I put this on every year and it works like this..

There are a series of games the kids play.  Normally vs. their parents.  Each time they win one of the games, they get a clue.  The collection of these clues leads them to the treasure, which are their gifts and the grandparents gift. (kids are between 18 and 11)

So this year, I’m having a tough time thinking of good clues.  I want to have a clue that would sent the kids to my car and have them press the ‘show control face’ on my radio.  Hidden in there will be another clue to.. somewhere.

So the help I’m looking for this is.. What would be a good clue to bring them to the car and press the control button, and what be a good clue from there to a hiding place? (I still do not know where I will hide the actual treasure chest.  (thinking dryer?, a cabinet?, truck of another car?)

The trick this time is.. The clue to my car will be given out word by word.  So they will have to put the words together to figure out the clue.  The more games they win, the more words they get, the easier the clue!

So tweeters, can someone help me out on a good clue to my car, and to show the retractable face, and another clue to some other spot.

Oh… and, I need it by 3:00 pm.  I’m driving up at 10:00am.  🙂  The game starts at 6:00 pm.

Here are image of the radio if that helps.



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