I’ve written a ‘when you think about it‘ in regards to sliding into second base.  This time, a diving catch in left field. 

First off, I have to point out that I’m on the worse or near the worse softball team in the history of the game, so there is no reason to risk life and limb since there is no way were going to win anyway.  However in today’s game, I was playing left field and a pop fly heads out a bit past the foul line. So when you think about it … here I am running at full speed (remember I’m one of the fastest guys on a team of 20 and 30 year olds) towards and over who-knows-what with my head is up and tracking the ball, so I cannot see where I’m going. And the field is not perfect, gopher holes and grass patches here and there. One wrong step and you can go head over heals.

Now, I get near the ball, and remember I’m at FULL speed at around ~15mph and at 174lbs. To make the catch, I have to LEAP … horizontally … arm extended … to reach the ball.  Well, gravity is going to take over at some point, and when you think about it, I’m going to leap at full speed, with extended arm, and there is nothing left to land on but my chest! And when you think about it … this is not something a 40+ year old man should be doing. Once you hit the ground, forget any control, your just going to roll and slide until you stop. Just does not seem like a smart idea.

But I will say this, it looked cool.  The team agreed, best catch of the season.  So I guess its worth it.  But lets see what I think tomorrow once the bodily abuse kicks in.

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