Because so many people have been asking, I’ll repost this.

FYI: Simcity for iPad came out with cheats. I’m going to test the cheats this week.

I went though 10+ known cheat codes for simcity3k and simcity4.  None of them seemed to work.  So as far as I know, only 2 cheats codes work..

  • i am weak = Construction costs set to $0
  • pay tribute to your king = All extra rewards

There have been reports that these two cheats work, but at the time of this writing, they did not..

  • garbage in, garbage out = recycling and other refuge plants. Be sure to include the comma.
  • nerdz rule = high tech industries.

Also, when you save, close the game and reopen your city, the cheat is removed.  So if you want to cheat cheat cheat, then you have to type the code in each time.

And in case you do not already know this, to get to the command line to enter the cheat code, shake the phone.  And give it a few good shakes, a soft shake will not do it.

I have not tried these on the ipad, but they should all work.

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