I’ve written about DeamCatcher’s iphone video recorder before, mostly saying that it would be my favorite video if the darn thing worked. However, yesterday, the version 3 update for video recorded came out and finally, its working… well mostly.

Its still basically the same product as a year ago, and yes you still need jailbreak to use it.  There was one new feature though, you can choose to compile the video later or save as a .mov in realtime.  I appreciate the option. As some point, I will have to do a comparison between video recorder and Cycorder and see which provides better output. However, what I like about video recorder is the video and sound compression options. I can also choose between portrait and landscape.

So far, the only bugs seemed to be a crash after a movie has been compressed. Not the end of the world, and the inability to send a movie via email.  Big fail there. Hopefully this will be attended to soon.  This is important because the compressed movies are stored as mp4. You need to either post it up to youtube or convert it yourself. Here is where using the .mov option is more compatible.