A friend of mine was telling me about people calling into radio shows and having their iphone drop them in the middle of the call. Now, we know cell phones are not great, and I have heard shows where a cell call was lost, but given the expectation of a new phone to perform well, and the previous experience ATT cell users would expect based on older phones, every drop call from an iphone will just add to Apples and ATT’s headaches (mostly Apple).

Not getting into the technical issues of how much to blame Apple vs. ATT; this will be an additional load on the crashing public relations bus for Apple. Most of the people who are listening to many of these AM call in shows are not likely reading tech blogs on iphone FAILS, so you have the tech community, first adoptors and now AM radio listeners hearing about how unstable the iphone as a phone is.

I think once they lose the soccer moms, its ooovveer.

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