Someone asked about how I get my screenshots on the iphone.. Easy.. If you are using 2.0, all you need to do is press the top right power button and the home button at the same time.  You do not have to hold them down. The screen will flash white and an image of your… Read More

In my last post I used the a program called TrackThing while biking and was quite impressed.  So now I tried it again as I walked for my coffee..  Top speed of 40mph?  Hmmm… I may have to look for another program for walking.  Will try running once the heat wave is done out here.… Read More

I did a ‘maintenance ride’ today and thought I would try out a new iphone app I downloaded last night called TrackThing. I basically turned it on, put it in the small pouch on the back of the bike and took off, ibiking if you will. {UPDATE} Since writing this post I have reviewed a number… Read More

If you are on the edge of reception, these steps will help.. Turn off 3G – like I have not said that enough. Put the phone down.  Holding the phone reducing reception.  Use handsfree or a headset. Wired headset preferably. Plug it in.  The iphone works better both because the cable is attached and the… Read More

I have been seeing a lot of press (mostly those not or on the edge of the computer industry) talking about how Google’s Chrome browser is going to try and take massive marketshare away from Internet Explorer. Ehh. Doubt it.  Given that IE still has a current market share of over 75% and heck even… Read More

Especially heavy ajax sites like google mail and yahoo mail.  These two site fly!!  which is great because I’m on web mail all the time.  I’ve also noticed that all JS calls execute much faster, including some timer processes. For example, if you have a timed dynamically resizing window, it will execute faster.  I also… Read More

I have not tried it, but the read is good. 🙂 aaannd here is the link. I did not see anything to make me change the jailbreak I already have, but here is new in 2.5 – QuickPwn Support for 2.0/2.0.1/2.0.2 – Root partition resize support – Installer support – Basic / Expert modes -… Read More

Except for a few that really makes me feel embarrassed to even be in the same stands with them. Now this is not a comment on the game today, in fact if you want to read someone who knows what he’s talking about, read hughbauns blog. Today Cal played its opener against Mich St. Was… Read More

A friend of mine was telling me about people calling into radio shows and having their iphone drop them in the middle of the call. Now, we know cell phones are not great, and I have heard shows where a cell call was lost, but given the expectation of a new phone to perform well,… Read More

I heard about this today at a iphone meet up and now its on digg.  I’ve already fixed the hole on my phone and I recommend everyone else do it too.   The following text is from this article. There’s a huge security problem in the latest iPhone 2.0.2: if you have your JesusPhone password protected,… Read More

Yea!! Really!! LED football for the iPhone. W00t111 Now here is the bad news… Not till sometime next week. Awwww… But never fear, I’m going to have one of my bots keep an eye out. As soon I know, you will know. Now, can someone port intellivision?… Read More

There are a number of cool apps for a jailbroken phone that you cannot get via the app store, although most of them are not working on the 2.0.x phones yet…  waiting…. However, even just for these 3 apps/functions, its worth it. 1) Record video.  The quality is not that great, normally around 15 fps,… Read More

When I first got the 3G, I decided to hold off on jailbreak till it was out for awhile and hopefully most of the bugs worked out. Now I’m not saying its as clean as some of the jailbreaks 1.0.2+, but the 2.0.2 pwn’s are starting to look good.  After reading near 100 comments, I… Read More

I’ve kept 3G on for the last 3 days and have found that 3G seem to hold up a bit and the number of call being dropped with 3G on seemed to go down a bit, but not enough to really say, ‘yes, its improved’.  I was hopefull for awhile that the bug where the… Read More

A number of friends are getting iphones and I’m starting to hear the same questions come up, so here is a quick list of questions and answers How do I sync this thing? You need to have itunes. Sorry, no way around this.. and i have been looking. However, I would recommend getting this application.… Read More

… and a bunch of nothing.  Yea, the browser seemed a touch faster, but that is a cleared cache affect. I live on the edge of service so what I was looking for is a stronger and more stable 3G browsing experience. Well, first impression is that it’s the same.  I’m going to leave it… Read More

Did not last all that long, but made me think, we really need an image for this. I heard ‘Gfail whale’ on twitter. Could be a good way to go. Better then Gfail goat. Just never sank in. However, the clear thing is to make a Gfail image. I figured they would be everywhere, but… Read More