IMG_3717.CR2First thing you may ask is; why would I write something so personal in a mostly tech blog.  Well this was not always a tech blog.  Back when I started, Jan 2008 if you can believe that, I was working mostly from home and had TV news on pretty much 24/7.  The 08 election was just starting up and I was deep into it, so I wrote just for fun.  At my side was Brandi.  There was nothing more she loved than when I was on the couch programming or writing, which is pretty much all I did in 08. Through the years my jobs changes, what I write about in my blog has changed, where I (then we) lived changed, but one thing never did.  When I’m on the computer, she is in my lap or lying next to me.

Well, sadly, nearly 14 years after I first found this 3 year old fur ball in a nondescript cage at the Oakland shelter we had to say goodbye.  She was 17 and had a long full life.  First as an inside outside cat, then slowly became inside only. Even towards the end when she had little energy left, she did what she always loved to do; lay next to me or my wife.

Love you Brandi, miss you.

Brandi ended up as the subject in two posts for perivision and a series of pics when I was working on the new version of Gamesbeat.  (links below)

The following pics were from a test post I did on Gamesbeat.

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