hard drive grim reaperIt was going to happen sooner or later.  Windows 8 crashed on me, rebooted, then said it will reboot in an hour and every 2 hours after that.  Sigh.  Fair enough, but why pretend it was a crash?  Could have just have a picture of the grim reaper and said, “Your time is up”.   Ah well…

I like windows 8 despite all the heaters and will buy a proper version tonight.  I will most likely write a follow up post on how it goes.  Assuming I get this post out before it reboots. 🙂  And remember folks, after Jan 2013, the price will jump from $40 to $200, so get on it.

{Newer Update}

Finally got everything installed and working. Finally, life is good again on my X61.


So I bought windows8 upgrade, $39.00.  Downloaded it, and went through the install process.  Locked up twice on me.  On the 3rd attempt it finally made it all the way through.  Of course the crappy part about all this is all my apps were wacked.  Kept all my files though. Whats funny in the first thing I did was kill off 1/2 the tiles because I would never use them and they are annoying.  Next I opened IE to do, what else? Download Firefox and Chrome.  The fricken browser locked up on me as I was typing in Chrome!  And then again later as I was trying to click download.  Now it unfroze after a few seconds, but still!

Finally have my two browsers back and have to go through the fun process of reinstalling everything.  Ah well.

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