computer trollsI was around during the PC wars of the 90’s, watch people piss on Windows when XP came out, then piss on Vista (although Vista deserved it) and then 7, and now everyone is hating on Windows 8 because of “Metro”.

Screw off.  While I think the whole apps thing on Apps on Windows 8 is nothing more then wasted code and memory for the normal PC user, Windows 8 is still much faster and just as stable as Windows 7 has been for me. I have been running Windows 8 on my very old Lenovo x61 and its been great!  With a SSD and only 2G of RAM I am just as productive as the rest of the office with their modern Mac and PCs.

They key here is not let the the Metro App layer ( or whatever they call it ) let it blind you to some real improvements in the OS. Faster boot times, a few nicer UI elements, better memory management, etc..  However, if you were to listen to all the haters out there, Windows 8 sucks because of the UI change of putting the App layer on top of the UI.  I have to guess these are the same people that complain when Facebook makes a UI change.

However, I was reading a post on VentureBeat letting people know that the price of Windows up is about to jump from $40 to $200.  And fair warning it is.  Then the author goes through 5 reasons you should get it before the price jumps.  Not convinced about reason 5, but the other 4 were good enough.

Then I read the comments

Gezzz!!  Its like troll city out there.  Its like suddenly a whole parade of 14 year old (most likely Apple fan-boys) were let out of their collective cages to given access to a energy drink fueled masturbation on why Windows sucks.  Almost all of them complaining about the Metro Apps layer of the OS while completely ignoring the fact that ‘ hey Timmy’, you can get around the Apps layer and even get the start button back and have a FASTER OS!!..


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