What can you say? This guy named Amir posted a request to hire a programmer in [softwaredev-92] for his company fitbuddies.  But instead of the normal ask, he created a video and sang to it.  Horribly. Now we all know its really hard to find a coder much less a coder willing to work on at a startup, so the market is tight.  Is that what we can come to?  Creating YouTube film to find coder?  Crazy.

Anyway, here is his pitch and the video at the end.  The sound did not kick in for a bit so please do NOT turn up your speakers; you will regret it.

I’m working on a tech project that aims to connect friends in your social graph to work out together offline. I have a basic prototype now of a mobile web app, and I’m looking to work with a committed app developer to get us to beta. Rather than spam with an overly detailed job spec full of 8 programming languages when only 2 or 3 are needed, I’ve put together this (funny?) video. To clarify on “committed” developer, it can be anywhere from just a temporary hire (if you’re only excited in it as a project) all the way to an actual co-founder (if we’re really excited about each other). Compensation would be cash and/or equity, depending on experience and the role we agree on



and a link to the long version


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