Its pretty well know that Facebooks stock dropped pretty low after its first launched.  However, in the last few weeks, it has been crawling back from its low of $26.50 a share closing today at $33.10.   Once cannot say the same for Zynga.  After today’s announcements of new games and initiatives, Zynga stock actually dropped 5% to $5.76 from its IPO at $10.00.  Not good.  From Venturebeat..

Zynga unveiled new games including The Ville, ChefVille, Zynga Elite Slots, Ruby Blast for mobile, and Matching with Friends on iOS. It also described new features such as synchronous multiplayer play for its Zynga with Friends Network. And it offered a glimpse of FarmVille 2. Some observers dismissed these titles as derivative and unoriginal.

Beyond its own games, Zynga described games it will publish for other developers. It unveiled the Zynga applications programming interface (API) for speedy and more efficient third-party games, and it talked about four new third-party developers on its Zynga Partners platform, including 50 Cubes, Majesco, and Portalarium.

Once would think that as Facebook is recovering its stock value, this would help Zynga as well.  The fact that there was all these announcements and STILL a stock value drop does not bode well.  However, this could be a case of investors wanting shiny and new, not what proven and works.

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