I have written about kickstarter a few times, even bought my first item, the pebble smartphone watch. Kickstarter has been so successful that its not surprising there will be spin offs. Petridish is one of them; the science kickstarter. If you would have told me someone was working on this and I would have gave it 50/50 thinking there are simply not enough people who love science. To my great happy surprise, there are quite a few science fans out there. But look closer. Most of these projects are around biology and many of these could be classified as eco projects if you wanted.
Not to say this is not science, far from it, and the fact the site is called Petridish I guess tells you that there will not be a ton of projects around building electric bikes.

There are not that many projects on the site, but still enough to give the budding bio science researcher plenty of options on where to place there money.  Best of luck Petridish…

Now… who knows of a kickstarter for electric bikes?

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