Well if you are the non trusting type, or actually do private investigations, or heck or your a spy, there is some cool stuff that dropped in my emailbox.  So again. with no comment or implied recommendation, here are some cool stuff that if you are using, well, I hope you have a good reason.

Spy Cobra PC monitoring softwareSecretly monitor up to (5) five different computers, capture screenshots, all typed text, web searches – in complete stealth mode.  Super fast 15 second installation – demand to know how your computer is being used.  Monitor your employees, your kids, your spouse, or anyone that is using your computer – you deserve to know – so quit guessing and find out today.

>> The new Spy Cobra Deluxe even EMAILS YOU the data that it captures so you never have to go back to the target computer again!

  iTrail GPS Covert Tracking DeviceTrack your kids, your spouse, your employees with pinpoint accuracy!  Are your kids really driving or going where they say they are?  Is your significant other really going to lunch at the usual place?  Where’s she going for the next girl’s night out?  Why did it take him so long to get home?  Quit guessing – use the iTrail GPS Tracker one time and know for sure!


Our new keychain voice recorders are selling in record numbers!  Never miss an important conversation again.  Who said what?  No witnesses?  No one to back you up?  Did they back out of that deal?  Need evidence of harassment on the job?  Tired of that foul mouth in the break room?  What’s going on at home while you’re away?  They secretly record up to 17 hours on a single battery charge and we’ve added a new stealth design that no one else sells. 

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