There are still a bunch of iPhone 3G users out there. I still use mine despite having access to quite a few phones now. However, my phone has been going slower and slower.. What gives.  Well, since I run SBSettings I can monitor the memory usage of the phone, kinda of like task manager from us PC users. Yes, I have a Mac but be quiet.. I’m on a roll.. Now then.. to speed your phone here are a few helpful hints..

  • Do NOT upgrade to iOS4.  If you have already, then try to step back. Else, follow the rest of the tips..
  • Keep your mail setting at the min.  Only keep the 25 most recent messages. Turn load remote images off. Set preview to 1-2 lines if have more then 3 mail boxes. If you have a pop3 like Yahoo, set remove deleted messages to ‘after 1 day’.
  • Reboot your phone at least once a week.
  • Assuming you are jailbroken and run SBSettings, be sure to kill safari after you use it. It tends to eat and hold on to memory.
  • Same with iPod.  If you are playing music, kill it unless you know you are going to play more again soon
  • Try not to run too many apps the use background services.  I had to stop using intelliScreen
  • Do NOT use an animated background if you are using WinterBoard

These are just a few little hints to keep that 3G running well and doing what you need.  But accept it.  Sooner you later, you have to go to 3GS or 4. It only a matter of time.

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