Yahoo Muni Bus Stop

Several weeks ago I read that Yahoo was going to install 20 digital video 72-inch touch screens throughout the San Francisco downtown area as part of a limited time advertising campaign Bus Stop Derby. It wasn’t until I recently got back in town that I came across one of these at 4th and Howard.

The Bus Stop Derby pits 20 SF neighborhoods against each other. A player chooses a neighborhood, plays the games for points, and the neighborhood with the most points at the end of the promotion wins. Simple enough! The grand prize is a concert with OK Go that takes place in the neighborhood that won.

As one can see in this video, there are four games to choose from. The interface wasn’t the most intuitive or accurate I have experienced but I give it a 7 out of ten. The games offered the option for single or multi-player against those at other stops. Even though I wasn’t waiting for the bus, I did want to continue playing for my ‘hood’.

Given the fact that Muni is usually always late, I wish this wasn’t part of a limited time promotion. Well done Yahoo and the team that designed the interface and games.

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