First of all, the ‘grip of death!’ was not a complete shock.  Based on my testing on the iphone 3 looking at the various ways reception can be compromised, I had a feeling that having the antenna on the outside could be an issue.  And lo and behold.. It does.

So, can software along fix this?  Perhaps.  Based on what I have seen, it takes time for reception to die out which could mean there is some sort of power drain when the two antennas are shorted out for a long time.  Now how technically can they solve this I’m not sure.  Perhaps apply more power to the antenna?  Pulse the power to changes the sync’ing of the two antenna so they do not cancel each other out?  I dont know.  But I REALLY hope they explain it.  And an old time geek, I would LOVE a full story on this.  And I will of course update once I find out.

But one other thing… its only been THREE DAYS since the iphone 4 has been out and already we have an update?  And what about the dead camera issues that have been showing up on the boards?  Will that get fixed too?  Once thing about the update, will be interesting to see how it gets deployed eh?

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