So after using this for a few weeks, I find that I only use Opera in certain situations.  For example I use newsSnacker.com to read all my twitter news sites.  The great thing about Opera is I can open a news story in a new tab and go back to newsSnacker and keep reading the news river. Once I have opened about 5 or 8 stories, I then go back and read them one by one. (I do this on the desktop too). Whats great is even if I lose connection, getting on Bart or in a weak signal area, all my content is already pre loaded.  Also, at a friends place I can just bearly get edge, so even though the pages take some time to load, they all eventually get loaded even with the slow connection.

However, that seems to be the only use case for me. The occasional javaScript/AJAX fails and lack of proper zoom control takes away from the experience. However, if Opera can fix those two issues, I can see using Opera as my default browser.

I downloaded it and its sweeeeetttt!!  HOWEVER, I had to agree to a new 92 page (at least on the iphone) agreement for the itunes.  Like I have a choice?  I will have to read it later.

One thing I have noticed is that opera does not pass the fact I’m on iphone to my webserver.  When I go to twittFilter.com or newsSnacker.com it renders it as a normal page and by removing the ads from twittFilter, its looks really odd.  Not sure how to solve that.

OK, I’m going to play with this.. I’ll update this post later tonight.

Hmm… the javascript does not seem to always work well.  Could be an issue that you have to fully load the page.

Sigh… Oh well.  It has its issues.  Still, when I only have edge, the multiple page load via tabs is worth the wonkyness.